Data Sharing

Cross-jurisdictional partnerships need data management systems to achieve their resource conservation goals. However, creating systems that work within different organizational platforms and requirements is notoriously difficult. To help overcome this barrier to collaboration, the Data Sharing Working Group is working to:

  1. Develop shareable and effective platforms/systems that can be beta tested and adapted within the Network and operationalized if effective;

  2. Build systems that expand the functionality of tools that have successfully been used within a partnership framework (e.g., CalFlora, CNDDB, etc.); and

  3. Identify guidelines, policies, and regulations that should be modified to support improved data sharing (in conjunction with the Policy and Funding Working Group).

Our Work and Additional Resources

This working group is tackling cross-jurisdictional and multi-agency data sharing on a number of platforms. Summaries of this work will be posted here soon.

Learn More

This working group meets by phone to coordinate activities and share updates. To join us, contact Sharon Farrell at


  • Dave Best, GIS Specialist, National Park Service

  • Lizzy Edson, Natural Resources Data Coordinator, Golden Gate National Parks Conservancy

  • Rachel Kesel, Conservation Management Specialist, One Tam/Golden Gate National Parks Conservancy

  • Claudia Mengelt, California Science Coordinator, Science Applications, USFWS

  • Kat Powelson, Science Support Coordinator, Science Applications, USFWS

  • Craig Scott, GIS Specialist, National Park Service

  • Zac Stanley, GIS Specialist, Golden Gate National Parks Conservancy

Consultant Support

  • Green Info Network is supporting the development of cloud-based geospatial data sharing mode

  • Discussions with Sitka are underway to assess Project Tracking platform needs

  • CalFlora is under contract to advance a streamlined (and field-friendly) linkage between CalFlora and CCNDB databases