Collaborative Leadership

The Collaborative Leadership Roundtable is focused on advancing collaborative approaches to landscape conservation and stewardship by developing practitioner-focused trainings, workshops, and other ongoing learning opportunities. Our goal is to build the scaffolding that can support the burgeoning landscape stewardship movement and increase partnership capacity at scale by enabling us to practice conservation in ways that are more inclusive, informed, and integrative.

Given the complexity of land and water stewardship across the country—typically spanning multiple jurisdictions and involving multiple stakeholders, sectors, and sources of knowledge—the need for collaborative leadership has become increasingly urgent. While the potential of collaborative approaches to address this complexity has been widely acknowledged, there is less focus on the skills and tools required to act collaboratively and display the traits needed for effective, measurable, and durable results.

To do its part in meeting this need, the CLSN has convened thought leaders working at regional, statewide, national, and international scales in service of collaborative approaches to the shared challenges of 21st century conservation. Each roundtable member comes to the work from a different background, but all are driven by the principle that in working together, we can achieve more than any one of us can do alone. Learn more about roundtable members below!