Policy and Funding

The Policy and Funding Working Group supports landscape-scale stewardship by building bridges with funders and policymakers. We do this through supportive and additive communications and policy analysis that include and build upon the work of others. Participants leave personal agendas at the door and use bold relationship-building strategies and essential interpersonal and professional skills to advance this work. This working group functions on the interest, dedication, and enthusiasm of talented professionals who volunteer their time, relationships, organizational resources, and knowledge to advance the Network's goals and objectives. 

Case Study: Capacity Building for Collaboration

As part of our work to overcome barriers to collaboration and develop partnership resources, the California Landscape Stewardship Network commissioned a case study to explore the unique capacity building challenges and trends facing landscape stewardship networks: Capacity Building for Collaboration: A Case Study on Building and Sustaining Landscape-Scale Stewardship Networks in the 21st Century, authored by Leigh Goldberg Consulting.

Based on interviews with practitioners, funders, subject matter experts, and policymakers, this case study outlines the five most significant financing challenges facing these cross-boundary partnership efforts, as well as strategies from different regions across the country that are effectively build­ing capacity for collaboration.

The resources below are examples of how we are approaching stewardship through a policy lens. Others may also use and adapt these materials as needed.

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This working group meets monthly by phone to coordinate activities and share updates. Would you like to join a call? Contact Kevin Wright at kwright@marincounty.org.