About Us

In late 2016, six collaboratives spanning 750 miles across the state came together to form the California Landscape Stewardship Network. They included representatives from federal, state, and local agencies, non-profits, and in some cases academic institutions and private land managers. While some had been working together decades, others were just emerging.

While these six may have been the catalysts for its formation, the Network has since evolved in many ways. We are now engaged with a much broader range of agencies, organizations, community groups, and individuals to support and advance conversations, policies, and practices for landscape-scale stewardship. By working with others in this way our impact is not limited to just our own scope, scale, or home geographies. Rather, we can help advance and amplify this movement everywhere.

While we all come from different places, we share a deep commitment to the growing landscape-scale stewardship movement. We believe that working together is how we must care for the places we love, enjoy, and depend upon, and how we continue to renew and sustain these places for current and future generations. We believe that our approach to conservation must evolve. That we can no longer afford to work in isolation. And that we must leverage the tremendous power of partnerships.

The scope and scale of this emerging “network of networks” may continue to change as the landscape-scale stewardship movement evolves. Our vision and values will also help guide us into the future.


California Landscape Stewardship Collaboratives Map