Our Work


This Network was formed to address our shared needs and challenges, and to further the idea that collaboration is an essential land stewardship tool. To do this we are focused in three key areas:

Peer Exchange

  • Creating opportunities for personal and professional connections and information exchange 

  • Providing a virtual clearinghouse of best practices, agreements, and other resources

  • Working together to identify and solve specific challenges to collaborative landscape-scale stewardship at the federal, state, and local levels

Learn more about our peer exchange and learning efforts.

Systems and Solutions Development

  • Developing and improving effective regional data sharing platforms and systems

  • Exploring next steps to increase permitting efficiencies for restoration and environmental stewardship

  • Identifying potential foundation, public funding, and philanthropic support

Learn more about our data sharing, permitting and compliance, and policy and funding work.

Movement Building

  • Increasing awareness and appreciation of this work and effectively articulating its value to funders, policymakers, and other key stakeholders

  • Sharing our successes and lessons learned

  • Helping shape the future of collaborative, landscape stewardship across the state

Learn more about our efforts to support the landscape-scale stewardship movement.

Network Structure

We have formed a managing Steering Committee and subject-specific Working Groups to help meet these shared goals.

Steering Committee

Steering Committee members come from five collaboratives and include representatives from government agencies, nonprofit organizations, and private consulting firms. This team facilitates the Network’s structure and governance and guides its priorities and its evolution. It coordinates meetings, tracks progress toward shared goals, oversees the development of specific products, and supports and coordinates the Network's Working Groups.

Working Groups

Statewide Working Groups are addressing barriers to landscape-scale stewardship in four priority areas:

  • Policy and Funding to research and share information about legislative solutions and examine grant opportunities, bond funding, or related policy to advance stewardship and conservation at the local, regional, and national levels.

  • Permitting and Compliance to explore ways to implement a more seamless approach to cross-boundary projects.

  • Data Sharing to innovate regional cross-boundary data platforms and systems to promote efficient data sharing.

  • Building the Movement to develop a compelling messaging and effective tools to convey the need and urgency of this work, and the value, impact, and benefits of stewarding lands across boundaries.

In addition to the topics currently being addressed by these working groups, the Network also offers:

Check out our events calendar for upcoming meetings and trainings. If you have an event you wish to submit, please email description, time and date, location, and any contact info to: mgentile@parksconservancy.org. For other questions, contact info@calandscapestewardshipnetwork.org