Peer Exchange

In the years since the original six partnerships came together to form this Network, we have expanded our relationships with others doing a wide range of landscape-scale stewardship work all across the state.

As we have continued to expand and build these connections, we have also focused our work into the three primary areas:

  • Systems and solutions development
  • Movement building
  • Peer exchange

The first two are largely done within the Data Sharing, Policy and Funding, Permitting and Compliance, and Communications Working Groups. Peer exchange, on the other hand, is a much broader effort to create opportunities for relationship building, information sharing, and identifying common challenges and potential solutions.

To date, our peer exchange work has primarily been done through large, in-person, multi-day convenings as well as through smaller, more specific Collaborative Conversations, such as the one that looked at visitor capacity and use challenges in several different geographies. At the moment however, COVID-19 has made travel and in-person gatherings like these unadvisable. Instead, we are hosting and sharing online webinars, workshops, and panel discussions such as our ongoing Summer Series and through other events listed in our calendar.   

To learn more about our peer exchange work and how you can be a part of it contact If you are interested in learning more about this effort in a specific part of the state, please see the links in the list below.