Do you care for California's lands in partnership with agencies, organizations, working lands owners, or community groups? Do you wish there was a network of others doing the same thing that you could be a part of? A place to exchange ideas, to develop more efficient and effective ways to work together, and to find ways to inspire others to support this work as well?

If so, then the California Landscape Stewardship Network may just be the place for you. 

We bring together those working in landscape stewardship to help to create a California where everyone sees and embraces their role in caring for and sustaining the landscapes that are vital to our collective well-being.
A California where we seek deep understanding and bold collaboration as we think, plan, and act beyond our individual boundaries.
And a California where we can work at a pace and scale that meets and even exceeds our most pressing challenges.

Who We Are

The California Landscape Stewardship Network is a diverse range of partnerships from across the state that have come together to overcome the challenges we face when working across boundaries, and to inspire others to join us.

Although our individual home partnerships are different, we all believe that cross-boundary, landscape-scale stewardship is how we care for the places we love, enjoy, and depend upon, and how we continue to renew and sustain these places for current and future generations. 

We are helping build the movement towards embracing innovative partnerships and a more human-inclusive approach to land stewardship. We are also committed to working with others to support this movement throughout California and beyond. 

What We Do

Our largest and most pressing challenges—such as climate change, the need for clean air and water, and rapidly changing population dynamics—are happening at a pace and scale that demand that we work together to solve them. So, we have come together to share resources and solve common problems. To build awareness of the value of working at a landscape scale. And to increase investment among funders and legislators in this expanding movement. 

Specific statewide Working Groups are currently tackling:

Learn more about who we are and the specific challenges we are currently working to solve.