The Communications Working Group handles both the Network’s internal and external communications needs. This includes creating tools for sharing what this Network does, as well as the importance and value of landscape stewardship in general.

Our Work and Additional Resources

  • A conversation starter toolkit that can be used to reframe how we talk about the value and impacts of landscape-scale stewardship. It also includes ways you can start new conversations tailored to the different audiences you engage with.

  • Periodic email updates share the latest news and happenings from the Network and beyond.

Learn More

This working group meets periodically to address specific communications needs. To learn more contact Michelle O’Herron at


  • Sharon Farrell, Executive Vice President, Projects, Stewardship, & Science, Golden Gate National Parks Conservancy

  • Michela Gentile, Stewardship & Science Communication Program Manager, Golden Gate National Parks Conservancy

  • Shawn Johnson, Director, Center for Natural Resources & Environmental Policy, University of Montana, and Network for Landscape Conservation

  • Kevin Wright, Government Affairs Coordinator, Marin County Parks